The Point

Mountain Retreat of Dale Etheridge and Carolyn Collins
Near Strawberry Point, Utah
visit by Matteo Pasquali, his sister Ilaria and Stefano Zaetta in July, 2002

Matteo, Ilaria & Stefano On the trail in Bryce Ilaria & a local
scurry critter
Matteo, Ilaria & Stefano
on Wall Street
Matteo, Ilaria & Stefano
at Sunset Point
A challenging ridge
in Bryce
Matteo & Stefano mash
potatoes the hard way
Carolyn adds eggs to the
potatoes for the gnocchi
Matteo, Ilaria & Stefano
rolling the potatoes for gnocchi
Ilaria & Stefano cutting
the potatoes for gnocchi
Cooking the potatoes
for the gnocchi
The final step
for the gnocchi